We are a non-denominational (or independent) church. We strive to model our lives, our worship and our congregation after the examples and teaching contained in the Bible.

We are a family. We are small enough to know each other and yet large enough to serve those in our congregation and in our community.

You are welcome to browse our website. Listen to some sermons. Read some articles. If you have questions please contact us–or better yet come visit!

Who are we?

Spokane Valley is a family of caring and loving Christians. Our only guide is the word of God as revealed in the Bible, and our only desire is to be faithful servants of Christ. We are not connected to any denominational structure or organization.  Our desire is to be Christians only, simple New Testament Christians who are Biblical in doctrine, fervent in worship, aggressive in service, friendly in spirit, loving in outreach, and Christ-like in nature. We believe that it is the purpose of Jesus’ church to help mold His image in the hearts of men, women, and children so that we can share Him and His offer of hope and happiness in a world full of struggles. The church of Christ is built on hope, a hope centered in faith in Jesus Christ and His power to change lives.  Therefore, we want to make Christ and His word the center of our lives and pray that His Spirit will continue to remake us into His image.

Our Vision

Who We Are – Dedicated, both in attitude and deed, to becoming more Christ-like, loving and serving our church family, our community, and the world.

Our Mission

What we are doing – We desire with all of our hearts to fulfill The Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20) by concentrating our giving of time, energy, and money to missions and outreach.

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