Back To School


Across our community we are seeing the return of school busses, backpacks and children walking returning to school. For some, school has already begun; for others, it is beginning this coming week. As the school year begins I would like to take a moment to provide some advice and tips for having both a great school year and a blessed life.

Pray. First and foremost, prayer should be part of the return to school and the start of your day. Parents should remember to pray for their students, if there aren’t children in your home you can pray for the students that walk by your home in the morning and once again in the afternoon. All of us can pray about the schools we drive by and the children filling classrooms, lunchrooms, playgrounds, and fields. We also need to remember to pray for the teachers. Interacting with, listening to and observing teachers fill the majority of a student’s day. Pray that the teachers in your student’s school or neighborhood school will truly care about their students and that all of the students they come into contact with will believe that they are important and that they matter. Like every other aspect of life, prayer is vital because it acknowledges God as the Creator and Ruler of everything.

Develop Good Study and Work Habits. It is hard to be successful in school if you do not do the work assigned. Learning is best accomplished (like anything else) with practice. In school that means homework, study and assignments. Knowing how to focus, follow directions and complete an assignment will help you not only in school but will also help in life. While understanding why we have to do something a certain way is usually helpful—it is not always necessary or as important as following the directions. Sometimes the things required of us keep us from the things we prefer to do. This happens with homework when the sun is shining and all of your friends are outside—it also happens later in life when God expects study and commitment to Him. Good students need to study, and good Christians need to do the same!

Have a Good Day. Sometimes classmates aren’t nice. Sometimes there seem to be way too many rules. Sometimes things will not go the way you want them. Sometimes it is hard with all of the rules, work, studying and tests to always feel like your day is good. Having a good day doesn’t mean everything in your day is perfect, rather it means you approach everything in your day with a good attitude, with a smile on your face and a commitment to do your best. Be nice when others are mean. Be helpful when others are lazy. Smile more often. Instead of focusing on what you don’t like, spend time thinking about what is good about your day. Whatever time it is, find the best thing about the day and then see if you can find something better in the time you have left. Just like the weather is not always sunny, your days will not always be perfect—but rain and snow are still important and good in their own sort of ways. Look for ways that even bad days are good. It won’t always be easy—and it doesn’t get easier as you grow up either—but it will make for a happier and more joyful you.

Imagine what school could be like if all of the students and teachers did these three things. Imagine what work could be like if your boss and all of your co-workers did these three things. Imagine what a difference Christians could make in this world if all of us just did these three things every day.

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