Barnabas Journey – August Newsletter


The following write-up contains a few paragraphs from the August Newletter from Ed and Vickie Bass

Hello from God’s Country — New Mexico!!!!

I am bragging about New Mexico, because I was born here, and I still feel New Mexico as home. Vickie and I, as The Barnabas Journey, are thrilled to be in New Mexico for the opportunity to work alongside of Leroy and Jean Aragon.

The month of August was spent in Thermopolis, Wyoming.  This was our second time with the Thermopolis Congregation. We have developed some close relationships here and this is very advantageous to them and us.  The men who do the preaching and teaching are incredibly busy this time of year. We also are in an ideal place for us to meet with our overseeing congregation in Cody, WY and check in with Vickie’s family in Lander.

We got to see the eclipse here out in a ranchers field along with two strangers that became new friends. We again had a congregational get together at one of the members home. This time together with them is one of our favorite experiences. At the end of the month we shared in an Area-Wide Singing and Meal in the Park that Thermopolis hosted. It was so neat to see members from different congregations catch up with one another. Sometimes I am afraid that as “Autonomous Congregations” (self-governed) – we tend to also to be “Isolationous”; (my made up word for being inward focus and not concerned for our sister congregations nearby).  In Wyoming, nearby can easily be 100 miles away. So, Area-Wide Activities involving multiple Churches is not only beneficial, I believe for some it is essential.

We have redesigned aspects of our ministry to encourage and assist these congregations of possibilities that we believe make a difference, as well as the smaller struggling congregation aware of brotherhood resources they may not be aware of. We are continually amazed how devoting a month with congregations opens doors of possibilities. Maybe some of our full-time ministers at our larger churches would do well to give a month every couple years to a small struggling congregation.

We are here in New Mexico for two months – September and October — If you need a break, bring your camper and spend a weekend with us at the KOA in Las Vegas, New Mexico. In November, we will be in Duncan, Arizona.

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