Chimala Mission September 2017 Newsletter


The following is a condensed summary of the September 2017 Newsletter from the Rogers. Go to the website for more information 

The Gospel Chariot Campaign that I promised in last month’s newsletter.  The campaign lasted 34 days and was located in five cities (one per week).  Due to a cholera outbreak in Rujewa, and the government’s fear that it could spread to Chimala the Rujewa campaign was cut short and the one scheduled with a congregation here in Chimala was canceled and moved to a different part of Tanzania.  All in all there were 60 baptized and many brethren encouraged.  Due to scheduling and distance Carol and I were only able to help with two of the campaigns.

With the campaign over school has started back for the rest of the third quarter.  The fourth quarter will start September 7 and I will be teaching Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon to the 2nd year Swahili class.  This will be followed with their graduation on November 3.  The next week we will be planning on heading back to the States.  Due to several factors we are not sure at the present time if we will be coming back in January, and request your prayers that we have wisdom to make the right decision.  Next month we will let you know what we decided.  Part of the problem is that we are not sure if there will be an English program in January.

As I mentioned last month, we did not plan a week-end seminar this month due to the Gospel Chariot.  We are working on a possible place for this month, and then next month plan to go to Vwawa which is in the same area as the previous seminars.

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