Disaster Relief Efforts 8/31/17


The amount of storm damage in the Houston and Galvaston is greater than any previous effort the DRT has respnded to in its 13 year history.

The areas os Houston and Galvaston encompasses 14 counties that cover an area comparable to the combined size of of Massachuetts and New Jersey. The population in this area of these 14 counties is 6.8 million people. DRT plans to be in Texas for as long as needed, which may be months and possibly years. We have sent six semi trucks to the disaster areas and plan to send many more thanks to your donations!

If you are able to volunteer your time we need you. To register for volunteering please go to the website  https://www.churchesofchristdrt.org/ If you are unable to volunteer you can make a donation using the DRT website or via our Facebook page. Here’s where you can mail your donation

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Team
836 S Brown School Rd
Vandalia, OH 45377

If you would like to send a gift card to the DRT please it to the DRT address listed above.

Considering the devastation caused by this storm DRT needs your help 3 areas -PRAYERS –VOLUNTEERS –DONATIONS

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