Elijah Movie – Script


I have got a fantastic idea for a blockbuster movie. Set in ancient times, one kingdom is determined to overtake another kingdom. Battle plans are drawn up and his armies march secretly to attack. However, when everything is set, the other kingdom is prepared and on guard in that exact spot. Time and time again this continues. The one king moves to expose a weakness in the other kingdom, but that other kingdom is prepared each and every time. As the  movie progresses the king grows increasingly suspicious of every one of his top officers. The tension comes to a breaking point and secured deep within in his castle with all of his top officers this king explodes and accuses one of them of being a spy. Determined not to let anyone leave until the identity of the spy is revealed. Slowly and with great intensity the questioning continues and accusations mount, until one officer, perhaps the most soft-spoken and most trustworthy of all reveals the truth. None of the king’s officers is a spy—there is a prophet, a man given insight by his God, who is able to hear and to know all of the plans of this king. He is even able to hear the “very words the king speaks alone in his bedroom” (2 Kings 6:12) and he relays these and all the plans of the king to the kings enemy.

This isn’t fantasy, it isn’t made up, and it isn’t a legend—it is a true story of the king of Aram who wanted to conquer Israel. The prophet was named Elisha and the whole story is recorded in 2 Kings 6:8-23. The story ends almost comically. This king of Aram sends his troops to discover where Elisha is, and eventually it is reported that Elijah lives in the village of Dothan (v.13). So this king in all his foolish wisdom, sends a great force, with chariots and horses to surround the small city. Somehow, this time the king thinks he can surprise the prophet? I think everyone in the audience, will recognize this is a bad idea. Anyway, the early morning comes and a servant of the prophet gets up early to begin his chores, sees the army, and terrified runs to Elisha and tells him about the army. Elisha is not concerned and confesses that their numbers far exceed the surrounding enemies. Then Elisha prays that the man’s eyes be opened to the vast invisible army of fire standing between the city and these attackers. 

An amazing story. A true event/story. This would make a fantastic movie. More than a movie though, it also is a great lesson for us. Even though we often feel like the world is on the attack, even though we may feel completely overwhelmed, God is is present. He is with us and the resources at His disposal make the opposition we see as insignificant as a gnat.

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