God’s Care and Murphy’s Law


As all of you know, Abby and Calvin drove up to surprise Trenee for Mother’s Day. What some of you may not know is that while driving up on Friday night, their car died…after dark…along the interstate. After being rescued by a tow truck driver and the state police, they ended up spending a night in a motel in a tiny town along the interstate in Wyoming. On Saturday, they decided to leave their car in that small town so a mechanic could look at it on Monday. They tried to rent a car so they could travel the last few hours to Casper, WY, where they would take a bus to Coeur d’Alene. Unfortunately, there were no cars available at the rental counter on Saturday morning, so they rented a 10 foot U-Haul truck. They put their two suitcases in the back and drove to Casper to catch the bus. They finally arrived Sunday and surprised Trenee at our Mother’s Day Lunch. On Tuesday, they learned that the car would need a new engine and the repair cost would easily exceed the bluebook value of the car. What should have been a simple trip, turned into an expensive experience for them.

Fortunately, they will be fine financially. Having recently graduating from Financial Peace University (the same Dave Ramsey class Trenee and I just taught here at the Valley), they already had an emergency fund. They will be able to survive with one car over the summer while they save and figure out what to do. There is wisdom in having an emergency fund. Dave Ramsey calls it “Murphy Repellant”. You know that Murphy who wrote that law which states, “if something can go wrong it will!” Murphy doesn’t come around as often if you are prepared for him. I think it was a similar thought that caused David to say that when the instruction of the Lord is on a man’s heart that his steps would not falter. Likewise, in Psalm 119:11 the psalmist says, “I have hidden Your word in my heart so that I may not sin against You.” 

Like a savings account can care for you in times of unexpected emergencies and expenditures (like being stranded on the side of the interstate in Wyoming); a heart full of God’s word and instruction will care for and comfort you in times of stress, heartache, and trial.  

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