Hold Fast to God’s Design for Gender


Have you ever noticed that boys and girls play differently? Boys are prone to wrestle, compete and play in ways where there is a victor and loser. Play for boys, as a general rule, in our culture, is competitive. In fact, for boys, in many ways, everything has a little bit of competition to it. Conversely girls tend to play in social ways. Playing family, dolls, and having tea—all of these are social interactions. For the most part girls play in ways that are cooperative. Girls typically talk, share and use words more often than boys who tend to grunt, make noises and simply act. Most people see and understand these things. And despite some in our culture want to change these norms—these concepts find themselves hard-wired in some form to our gender identities. And while, trauma and environment may have an impact—even a big impact—the original “nature” of who we are comes from God.

Some of this is evident in a study of the first three chapters of Genesis. In Genesis 2:22-23, Eve was made from Adam, and Adam said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.” And in Genesis 3:17-19, after the fall, the ground is cursed and Adam was told that he would have to work “through painful toil” and “the sweat of [his] brow” because the ground “will produce thorns and thistles”. Adam will need to exert physical energy and labor in order take dominion over what had previously been grnted to him. In Genesis 3:16, God said to Eve, “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” I read “desire” as a “wanting of relationship” and “rule” as referring back to Adam’s priority in creation and the social ordering God designed.

In our world and our culture people are trying to alter these identities. Rather than extoling the virtues and differences inherent in who we are as boys and girls, men and women, people would rather rebel against the nature God designed. I believe this is the origin of the gender crisis, homosexual rebellion, false doctrine surrounding men’s and women’s roles in the church. Our charge as the people of God is to hold fast to His design and proudly proclaim the truth of who we were designed to be.

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