It only takes a card


God’s desire is clear; He wants all men, all women, everyone, everywhere to repent and turn to Him to be saved. This is what He wants. This is made clear through all of Scripture. And this desire springs forth from His deep and profound love for every person He has ever created. He loves us. He has told us. He sent His only Son to prove it and make it possible.

God’s plan to accomplish this is simple: Everyone who believes in Him… Everyone who believes in His Son, Jesus… Everyone has the job of love not only to one another within the body of believers—but also to love everyone who does not believe. And in the spirit of the love, we are commanded to tell the world about God, His Son, His love, and His desire to save them.

This plan. God’s plan to accomplish this has been the same since Jesus walked the earth. We (His people) tell them (not His people). Simple. Easy. Any of His people can do it. Every one of His people should do it. You don’t have to have all the answers. You don’t have to be the best speaker. You don’t need specialized training. You only need a heart that loves God and eyes that see the lost as lost.

I have placed 500 business cards (I have more) in the lobby and on the back bulletin table. The cards provide the church’s information and website. The back of the cards is blank. Will you take 7 and pass them out? In your own hand, write on the back, “Worship starts at 10:30, Please come!” Then, print your name on the back. You can say something different. You can tell them about Bible class. You can tell them about Wednesday. You could invite them to your small group. You can write whatever you want—but hand out 7 this week and invite those 7 to church next week. This is one each day starting with today. Give them out to people at your Super Bowl party. Give them to coworkers, neighbors, your waiter or waitress. Pass them out when you go shopping. Give one to your postman or the UPS/FedEx driver who drops off a package this week.

We typically print 65 bulletins each week. If every one of the bulletins gets picked up and every person who takes a bulletin gives out 7 cards this week. We would hand out 455 cards. If everyone committed to do this for 2 weeks (65 people, 14 cards each, 90 cards total) and if only 1% showed up, we would have 9 visitors. If 3% showed up we would have 27! And if 10% of the people we pass out cards to showed up on the same Sunday, we would double our attendance. Will you be someone who causes the church to buy more business cards?

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