The Valley Church of Christ is led by elders (depending on your Bible version they may be referred to as elders, shepherds, bishops, presbyters or pastors). These men are responsible for the spiritual growth and welfare of every member of the congregation. As a group these men oversee the biblical teaching, doctrine and spiritual health of the church family here at the Valley Church of Christ. They are also responsible for the overall mission and vision of the church. Their authority and qualifications come from scripture see 1 Timothy 3: 1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. The pattern throughout the New Testament is that each local church is shepherded a group of elders. This is the Biblical form of leadership provided for the church.




The word deacon literally means “servant” or “someone who serves”. We find the first example of Deacons is seen in Acts 6:1-6. The early church distributed food to widows, a complaint came to the elders that certain widows were being overlooked. The Elders determined that they shouldn’t stop their spiritual duties and responsibilities to deal with this type of physical need or ministry—but they did believe the need and concern needed to be addressed. Their solution was to appoint Deacons. Men who were led by the Holy Spirit, had a good reputation within the church, and possessed the wisdom to handle the need. The Deacons handled the food distribution. Additional qualifications can be found in 1 Timothy 3:8-13. The Deacons here at the Valley Church of Christ serve as leaders in various ministries.




In the New Testament there were men who went about preaching the Word of God. Some did this from town to town, and others preached in one place (See Acts 8:40, Acts 19:10, Acts 21:8, and Roman 15:20-21 to cite a few passages). Their work was to preach the Word of God and present the Good News about Jesus. These men are called preachers, ministers, evangelists, and missionaries. Here at the Valley Church of Christ, our minister preaches from Scripture to proclaim God’s messages, to encourage the congregation, and to challenge everyone to follow Jesus Christ more closely.