Living In A Foreign Land


Have you noticed that our country seems to be pulling away from God more and more? We used to be a Nation under God. Over the last two decades it seems like we are doing everything to try and remove ourselves from being under Him. Oh sure, we pray during inaugurations, when massive tragedy hits, when congress convenes and sometimes it is even a “Christian” prayer. The President holds prayer breakfasts—but we include every religion—even when their idea of God defies not just Scripture, but common sense. God is still named on our money and in our Pledge of Allegiance. And while there me be small shreds to cling to, the morality of the country is anything but Godly. A quick glance reveals that dishonesty, adultery, homosexuality, sanctioned murder of unborn children and pagan religions run rampant through every level of our society.

How does a Christian live in a pagan land? How can a disciple of Jesus make a difference when the cultural current is so anti-God, or at least anti-the-Christian-God? Peter says we should consider ourselves to be strangers, temporary residents, sojourners, exiles, aliens, pilgrims, or foreigners (depending on your translation, see 1 Peter 2:11). It is this idea and the answer to these questions, now that we spent 7 weeks talking about how messed up the world is; now that we have talked about how to handle our personal struggles, pain, doubt and questions. I am very excited to be back next week and begin a new series. A series that I think will help us to live in our country. I have titled it, “FAITHFUL in a FOREIGN LAND: Learning from Daniel”.

Daniel was taken as a young man from God’s chosen people and thrust into the court of the Babylonian King, Nebuchadnezzar. He spent 3 years being forced to learn the language, culture, religion, laws, beliefs and history of Babylon. He was a foreigner living in a pagan culture—yet he faithfully served God, taught the pagan leaders about God and became a great influence on the nation he lived in. Maybe if we study what he did—we can do the same.

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