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Disaster Relief Update

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We pray for all those who lost their homes and loved ones, and for all of those helping others in need. The 4th shipment of supplies from our Nashville operations center will arrive at the Chico Church of Christ tomorrow afternoon to be unloaded at the church building. Now that people have returned back to…

Orphan Lifeline International Presentation on 10/07/18

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This coming Sunday Orphan Lifeline International Speaker, Kelvin Hoover, will be here to give the Sunday AM lesson. In addition, Kelvin will be presenting to the church an opportunity to sponsor three Orphan chiildren at the afteroon meeting time, 1:00 PM. Please make plans to listen to Kelvin's presentation at 1:00 PM.

North Carolina Disaster Relief Update

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Hi Everyone Just a quick update. Conditions are quickly getting much worse here in North & South Carolina. I-95, I-40 are closed and so are many other roads. Because I-40 being closed I can not get to where we are going to be setup in Kenansville, NC. We do have some 1st responders & some…

Orphan Lifeline International News

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Here's a good write-up for Orphan Lifeline International Click Here  

Disaster Relief Update 6/23/2018

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Here's information concerning the recent flooding in Texas and the involement of Disaster Relief. https://www.churchesofchristdrt.org/ They need help and volunteers...