North Carolina Disaster Relief Update


Hi Everyone

Just a quick update. Conditions are quickly getting much worse here in North & South Carolina. I-95, I-40 are closed and so are many other roads. Because I-40 being closed I can not get to where we are going to be setup in Kenansville, NC. We do have some 1st responders & some of our regular volunteers there. The flooding is going to be much worse then it was after Hurricane Matthew. Example river near Lumberton where were setup then was 58 ft. Reports that by Monday it will be at 62 ft.

Our plan once I can get there is to do our normal meal deliveries and to be a HUB for volunteers and supplies. We are going to house the supplies that groups are collecting and help churches and towns within a 50-60 mile radius plus Lumberton. Luckily we have those volunteers there so they can help. I will get the funds to them or use debit card over the phone to purchase the necessary items until the roads open so I can get there.

This is going to be a long and costly mission & we need your help.

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