Sin is like the Flu Bug


I called the doctor recently about a prescription for Stephen. While on hold I was treated to a recording of various health care reminders. One stood out, “Flu vaccines will be available in all clinics beginning September 18.” Uugghhhh! Flu season. I do not like flu season. It seems that once someone in the family gets it, it just gets passed around the home. Having the flu is miserable. You are tired, nauseous, and achy. There is no upside to getting the flu. If they made a “flu pill” that would give you a bad case of the flu, who would buy it? Who would want to?  Would anyone wait in line or pay a premium price? Of course not! The flu is a virus, a foreign organism, that inhabits a host. The host can be a person, a mosquito, a cow, or a pig—any living thing—but here is a key identifier: it is NOT part of the host. It is foreign. It is not supposed to be there. Some viruses only make you uncomfortable, other viruses are debilitating, and some are even very lethal.

If only, sin felt as miserable as the flu. If only we identified sin like we identify a virus. Something foreign to our design. Something was not intended to be part of us. Sin is a spiritual virus. It makes us ill, it can be debilitating and it is very lethal.  Unfortunately, sin isn’t usually miserable, it is often pleasant. Sin typically masquerades as casual fun, sin feels good, sin is enjoyable. Imagine how much easier it would be to avoid sin if it felt like the flu. What if lying physically left a bad test in our mouths like vomit? What if hate made us physically weak, dizzy and aching all over? What if sexual immorality stunk and burned like the worst bout of diarrhea? Disgusting, awkward, uncomfortable. These are things we would avoid. We take preventative measures to avoid these types of physical illnesses. If only, it were as uncomfortably obvious how horrible sin was. Perhaps when Christians are as repulsed by sin as we are about being grossly, physically ill—then maybe the world would be more drawn by the transformational power of Jesus, the resurrection and the life (John 11:25). He is the only One is without sin. He is the only one who has defeated death and can make those us dead in our sins alive again! 

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