Thanks for a special VBS


I was in Seattle the past week and I missed VBS. Despite that, I heard a lot of great things about the week. I know about a lot of the prep work that went into making it possible—the planning, studying, and ordering of supplies. There were people who prayed continually about visitors, and making an impact on our neighbors. People decorated, prepared crafts, and baked cookies. People hung up door flyers. Some folks emptied and took out the trash. Still others showed up, smiled and shared a word of encouragement or gave a pat on the back of one of the teachers. Some people were there every night. Some only made it to one or two nights. All of it took work and everyone’s work, no matter how much or how little you contributed made a difference. What was done, wouldn’t have been as complete as it was, without each and every person who contributed to the success of this past week.

I wish I could have been present. I can imagine the church busy with activity; full of kids laughing and singing and learning. All of this was done because followers of Jesus understand the value of sharing the stories of the Bible with kids. This year VBS told these Bible stories: Jacob wrestling with God, Elijah on Mount Carmel, Daniel in the lion’s den, Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, and John the Baptist preparing the way for Jesus. The stories of the Bible provide a foundation for children to learn about God. Bible stories help form the framework of how we interact with people. We find good examples, bad examples, and people we can relate to in stories. Jesus taught crowds by telling stories (in church we call these parables). Stories can inspire. Stories can instruct. Stories can correct. Stories, true stories, Bible stories change lives. I am eager to see how God will use the service and hearts of all of those who worked so hard this past week to impact His Kingdom. Thank you for all that you did!

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