Your Christian Battery


It is 5:20am. I just dropped off my parents at the airport. I don’t have to be at the office until 6:30am. I am sitting in the Carl’s Jr on 3rd Avenue. I am hunched over my laptop trying to write this bulletin article and my battery is running low. My battery indicator reports 31% and 23 minutes. My laptop used to last much longer than this on the battery, but it is old and rechargeable batteries don’t last forever. I need to plug it in but there is no power outlet in here I can use—that’s my problem. I need electricity and the stored electricity in my battery is running out.

In a lot of ways this is how many people live their Christian lives. They show up at church on Sunday, charge up their “Christian Battery” and then expect it to last until next Sunday—but it doesn’t work that way. You need more than singing, communion and a sermon on Sunday morning once a week to really get anything done. Identifying areas of selfishness, cleaning up impurity and changing bad habits takes not just work but insight and knowledge. You have to know Jesus better than just a once a week, “Hey, how are you?” You need to understand and know Him. The real Him. His habits. His goals. He behavior. You need to know what causes Him to smile and what causes Him to frown. You should learn what makes Him celebrate and what makes Him weep. Ad you can’t learn this, you can’t know Him that well if you only hear about Him once a week.

Just like my battery needs to be frequently plugged into an electrical outlet—Christians need to be plugged in to God’s Word. This means you have to crack open your Bible more often. You need to find time to visit, fellowship and hang out with Christians more often (some excellent opportunities are the ladies’ bible classes and Wednesday Night fellowship meals). To get a lot of work done on my laptop I really need to be plugged in a lot. To get a lot done in your life, in your church and in your community for God—you also need to be plugged in.

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